A List of the Best Bars in Dallas

A List of the Best Bars in Dallas
DallasDotCom Staff May 22, 2017

In a bar, many great stories begin, friendships are created and life’s miseries are forgotten. So whether you are looking for a beer, a fancy cocktail or one of the finest wines, the bars in Dallas will have all your needs covered.

Here are some of the recommended selections of the best bars in Dallas.

Lakewood Landing

The role model for all dive bars, Lakewood Landing is the place where you can get all types and combinations of drinks. It is hands down the only bar in Dallas which guarantees that you will walk out with a bunch of new friends. Enjoy a whimsical jukebox, pool table and an amazing collection of barfiles. It has a classic dive bar with mouthwatering burgers, and is famous for its cheese stuffed fried jalapenos.

Single Wide

Single wide serves some of the best mixers using drinks from your childhood, such as Tang and Yoo-hoo, infusing them with vodka, rum or whiskey. It has bartenders as friendly as the crowd, where you can sip local beer on the patio and make new friends. Stopping by here and not trying a drink would be a crime.

Stoneleigh P

For those looking to lie low, this is the best historic uptown bar. The red fluorescent lights and complimentary magazine rack offers visitors the best place to relax, read or sip a beer on their street-facing patio with enchanting Christmas lights. Their old school diner booth is perfect if you want to take a break and enjoy a good meal.

Ships Lounge

Ships Lounge serves beer, wine and liquor, and is one of the most esteemed and down-to-earth establishments of Dallas. All you need to bring is some cash, a wish list for the jukebox and if you want, your own liquor! The dark and enchanting ambiance of this bar makes it one of the best bars in Dallas.

Black Swan Saloon

This bar opened up in 2010, with a homey and down-to-earth atmosphere, it serves some of the best cocktails in Dallas. You have the option to order from a wide variety of drinks and experience a custom concoction depending on your mood, made by the one the best bartenders in town- Gabe Sanchez.

The Fillmore Pub

It is a British-style bar, which kick-started the city’s nightlife scene. If you are looking for a perfectly poured drink at a cozy pub, Fillmore is the perfect stop for you.

When in town, be sure to visit some of the best bars in Dallas to have the time of your life.

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