Top 5 Best Parks in Dallas – The City’s Hidden Gems

Top 5 Best Parks in Dallas – The City’s Hidden Gems
DallasDotCom Staff May 22, 2017

Dallas, the heart of Texas, is famous for its breweries, museums, skyscrapers, and a good collection of exotic hideaways. It is visited regularly by nature lovers and park goers, as it is home to some of the most well-designed and well-kept parks.

From hiking trails to simple walkways, the city’s parks have it all. If you are planning to stay in Dallas, or looking for the hidden gems then this list has all your options.

White Rock Lake  Park

Among the five best parks in Dallas is White Rock Lake Park. This beautiful park is loved for its scenic lake, and is often compared to Central Park in New York.  It has a dog park at the north end and easily accessible bicycle trails for fun family outings.

Nasher Sculpture Center

Another local favorite is the Nasher Sculpture Center. Situated in downtown Dallas, this park is the perfect fusion of nature and modern art. Visited by tourists who want the best of both worlds, this place is a cultural gem with its own atmosphere. Art connoisseurs often choose this park instead of crowded art museums.

Fair Park

For families with young children, who might get bored on long monotonous park trails, the Fair Park is one of the best choices. This is because it hosts a very well-known children’s aquarium, that features animals like albino alligators, stingrays, etc.  It has a renowned status as one of the best sights for children, as well as one of the five best parks in Dallas.

Texas Discovery Gardens

Texas Discovery Gardens is famous for its colorful and peaceful courtyards that house several different types of butterflies. It has special ‘pay what you choose’ days, which make it easy for people from different backgrounds to come, visit and indulge in its beauty. It rightly earns its place amongst the five best parks in Dallas. It is easy to navigate through with ample help from well-placed maps. 

Dragon Park

If you can’t go see dragons, Dallas can bring the dragons to you! Another one of the best parks in Dallas is the Dragon Park at Cedar Springs Road. This has been called a hidden gem. Its small size allows the families with small children to go for an interesting evening walk after dinner, letting kids roam around freely. The park has Dragon sculptures scattered all over, which give it its name. 

These finest natural hideaways in Dallas will make your stay memorable!

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