123 Tx Auto, Llc

Our mission here at 123 TX AUTO is to help people with credit issues (Bad, Slim or No credit at all), get into a vehicle which will help them live a comfortable and productive life.

We believe our basic practice of business of being fair and simple is the right and the ONLY way to run a successful business.
Here is how this works:

Step 1.We finance a customer in need, treat him with honesty fairness and respect.

Step 2.The customer enjoys a vehicle he or she can drive to work, earn a living and have a flourishing social life.The grateful customer makes his payment in a timely manner, by that avoiding fees and most importantly - FIXING HIS CREDIT SCORE.

Step 3.The company collects the money and with the new capital earned helps another customer, which in his turn starts this process all over again.

As simple as 1, 2, 3....