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Welcome to 3dpt! You're not seeking us out because you feel great. We realize that most people come to us only when they're hurting in some way. And we're okay with that.

We have convenient hours of operation to work around patient's schedules, a friendly stress-reduced environment where patients are treated by a licensed physical therapist each visit,
thorough evaluatiosn and treatment with emphasis on education on how to manage each patient's condition independently, and a
frequency and duration of visits based on each individual's unique situation.

We don't prescribe programs - we design solutions.

Payment Methods Available:
-We are out of network for Aetna, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare
-Offer prompt pay discounts for cash payments
-Our cash plans are cheaper than many hospital in network rates

At 3dpt, you are in control and take an active role in your recovery. Using research based treatment, we assist you with the tools you need to heal your own body and educate you on injury prevention. Often times, activities that were easy to perform prior to injury are now painful. This can lead to uncertainty about which active interventions will expedite your healing and which ones will hinder your recovery. The human body is amazing in its ability to adapt and rebuild, however guidance and facilitation is necessary in this process.

Our specialized equipment allows us to match your exercises with your capacity enabling you to perform pain free activity and thus speed your recovery. Our expertise in exercise prescription and advanced manual therapy techniques also aid in returning you to your specific work, sport, or leisure activities as quickly as possible. The following is a partial list of injuries and conditions that we treat:


Low Back Pain
Neck and Shoulder Pain
Hip/Buttock Pain
Knee Injury (Meniscal, A.C.L, etc.)
Foot/Ankle pain
Rotator Cuff/Impingement Syndrome
Frozen Shoulder
Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation
Tennis Elbow
Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Post Fracture Rehab
Injury Prevention

Proud owners of an Alter G Treadmill!

Alter-G can be used in a variety of ways:

-Rehab following injury or surgery of the lower extremity (hip, knee, ankle, foot)
-Training through an injury
-Reduced impact training and sport-specific conditioning
-Gait training and biomechanical analysis
-Weight-loss and management

The Alter-G Treadmill can get back to your sport or activity in the shortest amount of time possible. Period.