AAA Green Van Lines

Aaa Green Van Lines


Green Van Lines is a family owned and operated moving company based in Dallas, Texas. We opened our doors with the idea that a moving company can provide a smooth, professional and competitively priced service while maintaining strong eco-friendly practices. We are proud to be the first moving company to recognize that our industry takes a toll on the environment, and are continuously incorporating methods to minimize our eco-footprint. We start with boxes and packing supplies that are made from 100% recycled materials, and are eco-friendly right down to the organic cotton shirts on our backs! Our Bio-diesel trucks (yes, that’s cooking oil) significantly reduce green house gases while the trees that we plant in our customers’ honor, replenish the environment with oxygen. We minimize paper waste by incorporating electronic communication wherever possible and promote green friendly organizations like wherever we can (see how we slipped that in there).


Professional movers

Our company hires and trains the best and most experienced movers in the industry and provides a quality service unparalleled by any other Dallas Movers. Our professional movers go through an extensive training process in which they learn to effectively and safely disassemble and reassemble your furniture and protect your possessions in blankets, pads, shrink wrap and tape. Our movers learn what can and cannot be stacked to minimize potential damage to your belongings. They have the experience required to effectively package and protect your fragile possessions like glass top tables, mirrors, picture frames, televisions and antiques. The maneuvering and handling of your Piano or other bulk items is an art form that is lost amongst most moving companies, but mastered at Green Van Lines! Whether you are looking for local Dallas movers or you are relocating across this great country, Green Van Lines will get you there quickly, safely and affordably!


Informed and educated staff

Our employees know everything there is to know about the moving industry and will never make a promise we cannot keep. We help you organize, prepare and plan your move. We explain the pricing and insurance options so that you choose what works best for you and your budget. We provide a thorough and accurate price quote so that you know exactly what is included in our services and have no surprises on moving day. We educate our customers about the moving industry so that you have the foresight to identify problems before they arise. After all, an educated and organized consumer is our best customer! Above all, we understand the daily personal matters that affect the details and circumstances of your relocation and are always willing to make accommodations to custom tailor our moving services to fit your needs.

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