Air Tek Environmental, Inc

Thank you for visiting us here at air tek environmental inc. As we all know, climate conditions in our region can become very extreme. Each of us rely on our hvac equipment for relief from these conditions. As murphy's law states, "what can go wrong, will go wrong". This never rings so true as in dealing with mechanical equipment. Unfortunately, under the stress of the extreme conditions, eventually air conditioning systems will fail, and you will require service.

We here at air tek environmental inc. Operate under one basic principle. Provide our customers with timely, competitive service in all areas of need. Each service situation is different and requires different solutions. The most important thing when choosing service, is that the work is done properly and that the co. You use will be there to value your warranty and respond to future needs. Whether its a simple fix or a complete overhaul. Air tek environmental inc. Will do just that with industry experience and your needs in mind! We appreciate the opportunity to service you, and are standing by for any request you may have. And remember if you are in need of replacement equipment, "before you buy, give us a try!"