Airstar Space Lighting

Airstar products provide a powerful source of light with absolutely no glare. Feel free to customize your lights, as our specially created covers can create a diffused illumination on your lights as they shine down on your guests. The soft light will make your creative lights beautiful to look at, without leaving your guests with blind spots. Just send us your graphics and we will be able to display your creative emblem or logo on your lights for all to see.

Our lighting balloons come in a variety of sizes and are equipped with a halogen or HMI lighting system and are inflated with either air or helium. Our lights can float form 40 to 250 feet above the heads of your guests and are capable of lighting up to seven acres.

Right from your first phone call up to the point of installation and tear-down, you will deal with Airstar’s experts in lighting balloon technology. So whether it is a small wedding or a headliner special event, let Airstar bring the dazzle to your occasion.