Amazing Reptiles for Kids Adventures Party and Education Events

Amazing Reptiles For Kids Adventures Party And Education Events

Reptile themed birthday parties by A.R.K. are fun and educational. We will come to your birthday or party location, and share our absolute love of reptiles, why they are important for our environment, and what to do when you spot one in its natural habitat.

As age groups are different, each show is adjusted (time and information) to fit the appropriate age of your child. We help both the children and the parents with their fears and apprehensions about Reptiles, and most of the time, people who thought they'd never touch a Reptile touch, hold, and enjoy learning about our scaly friends!

We bring non-venomous and non-aggressive Reptiles. We also provide waterless hand sanitizer before and after any contact with our Reptiles. The goal is to excite the children and have fun, so they can laugh and understand that Reptiles are animals like most others.

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