America's Animal Clinic

We also certify pets for international travel!

Welcome to America's Animal Clinic!

It is a profound pleasure to welcome you to America's Animal Clinic. We were founded and exist to meet the needs of your family pet and you, the care giver. Our intentions are to provide the service level that you ask of us, and to avoid expecting you to accept a level different than your requests. Your pets are a bonding agent in the home and a source of unconditional love for each family member.

We are welcoming new clients at this time. Our success is based on your acceptance and referrals for the service you receive at our clinic. We strive to be the first line of defense for the total health of your pets. There is an excellent source of specialty veterinarians in the D.F.W. area and we will refer to them as needed to arrive at correct diagnosis and effective treatment. Our staff will welcome any inquiries and our desire is to make you feel at home at America's Animal Clinic. If you would like to meet with the doctor and tour our clinic, please give us a call today!