Animal Hospital Of Ovilla

Your pet is an important part of your family. At Animal Hospital of Ovilla, we understand that.
We believe that it's important for you to understand your pet's health issues. We'll take as much time as needed to educate you about your pet's health and proper pet care. We'll answer all your questions, and we'll always recommend the treatment that is best for your pet.
From warm personal attention to excellent medical care, you'll find that Animal Hospital of Ovilla is the place for you and your pet!

Just as in a human hospital, we offer your pets the preventative, diagnostic, surgical, and emergency services they need to share a long and happy life with you.

We believe that wellness visits every 6-12 months are critical to ensure the continued good health of your pet. Our typical wellness visit includes a complete physical exam, vaccinations based on your individual pet's lifestyle, and labwork.

General Practice
? Wellness examinations
? Immunizations
? Internal & external parasite control
? Complete dental care
? State-of-the-art clinical laboratory
? Microchip implanting & identification
? Routine and therapeutic bathing
? Grooming

High-tech Diagnostic Services
? Radiology (x-ray)
? In-house clinical diagnosis
? Ocular tonometry
? Doppler blood pressure monitoring
? Patient side monitoring
? Electrocardiology
? Ultrasonography
? Echocardiology

Surgery and Special Treatments
? Spaying and neutering
? Special dentistry and oral surgery
? Emergency surgery
? Orthopedic surgery
? Soft tissue surgery
? Radiosurgery

Emergency and Critical Care