B Imaging Systems Inc

B Imaging Systems provides hardware and software solutions to meet your office growth. We consult, service, supply and support the unique workflow environment that drives your business. In this day and age of digital document capture, storage and retrieval on demand, the information overload that can prevent us from making the right decisions on software applications that drive the effectiveness of our work environment are almost infinite.

Our review of the current market tells us that training, education, specialization and local service are the most important tools we can apply to your specific needs. Office document hardware and software distributors today are too often over assorted in brands and solutions. It is much harder to become effective in training and educating consultants and service technicians in understanding the nuances of many brands to meet the needs of all business markets.

We have focused our direction by dedicating ourselves and becoming a premier dealership for the premier brand in office hardware and software, savin ( Currently in use in the White House and aboard Airforce 1.