Boys Will Be Boys Powersports

Boys Will Be Boys Powersports

Welcome to Boys Will Be Boys Powersports
Home of the Unforgettable Boys (and Girls) Birthday Event

What we do: Well its like we say...Home of the Unforgettable Boys Birthday Event. We all know that little girls are very very precious and we love them dearly but we love our little boys just as much. Well then how come we have so much for the girls but not nearly enough for our boys? Well thats all about to change and its all starting with us...Boys Will Be Boys Powersports.

    We offer your child, ages 5-12, an awesome 4-wheelin' time. It's a 2 hour event that takes place at one of our partner trail locations. We meet there about 30 minutes prior to take off and go over all of the safety rules, 4-wheeler operation (very basic fully automatic transmission ATVs), regulations and to go over what to expect on the trails.

    All of our 4-wheelers can be tuned down to 1-mph if needed. We keep our riding speeds based on rider experience, age and parent consent. This is all trail riding and we do only 3-8 children per adult. Basically it will be me, the owner, on my own 4-wheeler leading the group of 3-8 children through the trail. We will do a 45 minute to an hour ride and then come back in for refreshments and a snack (granola bar or chips) which is included in the package and then back out for one more round of about 45 minutes. 
Dont worry we didn't forget about the girls... all of our rides and events are for both boys and girls. We can do an all girl event or mixed boys and girls. See how fair we are ;)

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