Choice Chiropractic

Choice Centers was borne of the idea that people can be empowered to make the choice today for living a healthier and more vital life. Founded in 2005, the clinics mission has been to offer an alternative to traditional medicine and surgical procedures by focusing on the nervous system.

The clinic has flourished with its message of healing and self-empowerment. In 2005, Doctor Jason Jones established the clinic and the success has been staggering. Dr Jones utilizes a system of adjustments with personalized exercise programs which helps clients see quick results with long-term health benefits.

Choice Chiropractic is a cutting edge chiropractic restoration center located in the heart of the prestigious Uptown area in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in the following areas:

Advanced Postural Analysis
Postural Corrective Therapy
Personalized Exercise Programs
Core Strengthening
Chronic Pain Management
Massage Therapy