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Christiansen Bullock Llc

We specialize in business.  We have the experience, both legal and business, to help small and medium sized businesses navigate the ever-changing and often perilous waters of today’s business world. 

We are attorneys who have represented businesses for, collectively, almost twenty-five years.  From start-ups to Fortune 100 publicly-traded companies, we have been there – the trusted advisers of CEOs, CFOs, VPs and Boards of Directors.  For Profit. Non Profit. Family Owned. Local. Global.  From Dallas to London, Paris to Mumbai, Moscow to Singapore, Sydney to San Francisco, we have played critical roles in major business decisions. 

Local deals.  Global transactions.  Business brawls.  Complex litigation.  We have the experience to assist your business.  Packaged services created specifically for the start-up company … subscription general counsel services (i.e., managed care) for companies considerate of the legal risks out there but ever-mindful of the bottom line … competitive rates for projects … we can help.  Your business matters; we understand; that makes us Decidedly Different™. 

Christiansen Bullock LLC exists to offer high quality legal services to start-up, small, and medium sized businesses at reasonable and affordable rates including subscription models; to provide all of our clients with the expertise that we have developed over our years of practice; and to afford our people an enjoyable lifestyle and an income that makes that enjoyable lifestyle possible. We bring expertise in business law to each engagement, providing our clients with the wealth of a collective 25 years’ experience guiding businesses of all sizes and the insight of having been in-house counsel as well as members of executive management.


Business Formation & Organization.  Whether you are a start-up wanting assistance with formation and structuring so that you are prepared for capital infusion and business growth or you want to structure a family-owned business to last for generations – from the simple to the complex – we can help you structure your venture. 

Corporate Law.  After formation and organization, operation.  Banking and financing issues; corporate governance; corporate investigations; corporate policymaking; cross-border transactions; divestitures & spinoffs; joint ventures; mergers & acquisitions; real estate leasing or purchases; regulatory compliance; and risk management.  You’re read to go there; we’ve been there. 

Commercial Transactions.  The lifeblood of your business.  Manufacturing.  Sales.  Distribution.  Licensing.  Leasing.  Maintenance & Support.  Warranties.  International trade.  Exports and Imports.  The Uniform Commercial Code.  We understand the balance between risk and reward, short term gain and strategic, long-term prosperity, and – at the end of the day – why you are in business in the first place. 

Commercial Litigation.  The business world is a rough place.  Not every business relationship works out for the best.  Competitors and strangers bump into each other.  Collections, intellectual property infringement, trade secret misappropriation, breach of contract, fraud, deceptive trade practices, antitrust violations – it can be scary out there.  We know litigation strategy; we have walked the line between fighting for principle and managing a bottom line; we have implemented litigation holds and managed records production projects.  In short:  we have combat experience. 

Technology.  Seemingly everyday there are new technologies changing our world, moving business faster, raising issues and creating opportunities. Computers; Software; ASPs; ISPs; Open Source; Data Management; Privacy; Cloud Computing; Software as a Service; Cleantech; Greentech; Utility Computing.  We get it.  We’ve done it. 

Distribution, Partner and Reseller Channels.  You want to grow your business.  Maybe go global.  There are opportunities to leverage; extensions of your sales team.  But there are risks:  antitrust, Robinson-Patman, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, trade embargoes.  We can help you structure policies, practices and agreements to help you leverage the opportunities while managing the risks. 

Intellectual Property Law & Intellectual Property Licensing.  At the heart of virtually every business, intellectual property forms the core value of the business enterprise.  Someone’s idea puts her in a unique position; someone’s creativity gives him the competitive edge.  We have been the keepers of such corporate treasures – trade secrets, copyrights, patents and trademarks; and we can help protect yours.  Heck, we wrote the book on Intellectual Property Licensing, literally. 

Sports & Entertainment Law.   There’s no business like show business … well, on the surface.  But behind the scenes, there are multiple issues: confidentiality agreements, production agreements, option agreements, collective bargaining agreements, agent-principle issues, restrictive covenants, trademark and name protections, copyright protections, and antitrust concerns.  Get the picture?  We do. 

Wills & Trusts, Probate & Estate Administration, Probate Litigation.  Protecting the legacy you’ve built so that it may be enjoyed by your loved ones.  Managing the treasure of a loved one amidst the concerns of heirs and the demands of creditors.  Protecting the wishes of a loved one or fighting for your rights.  We believe everyone has a legacy worth protecting.



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