Divers Dungeon

Our building is red brick with red flames in the windows.we are located next to the coin shop.Don't forget wednesday's are our $20 piercing specials on most of our non-dermal piercings.Also come and look at our vast collection of tattoo flash to choose from.Diver's is a family oriented business,he has had 26yrs in the industry and still loves what he does.His specialties are cover-up on those old tattoo's or just a little alittle color to re-vamp the old ones.Or just get one of his award winning black&grey pieces.Diver's shop is also recognized for it's certification in infection control program from the center of disease control.Every thing in the shop is new and sterelized you deserve the best with quality work and service.Stop in and say "hello"to the friendly people at Diver's Dungeon or go to diversdungeon.com