Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks

Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks: Best playing picks, meticulously designed using superior material.

Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks are the best guitar picks in the industry.  These picks are perfect for all skill levels, playing styles, and music genres.  

Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks come in three variations - Original, Pure, and Hardened.  Get yours today!

With our unique design, you'll be able to utilize three different playing edges that cater to different playing styles and genres.  Whether you play jazz, acoustic, electric, bass, or even mandolin, these guitar picks will make a noticable change in how you play guitar. 

Many guitarists forget about the importance of the pick.  These will help you realize just how beneficial a premium guitar pick really is.  With a Dragon's Heart premium guitar pick, you'll be able to play longer, faster, and hear amazing new tone you never thought was possible.