Drug Testing Solutions Of Texas

We offer a variety of drug testing services, including, in home instant drug testing, specializing in parents with teenagers. We offer a complete program manual that will answer your quesions concerning drug and alcohol use, which comes with a 10 panel instant drug test, alcohol and nicotine test,information and helpful resources and treatment facilities in your area.

Drug Testing Solutions of Texas offers a variety of choices: instant urine drug tests, instant saliva drug tests, hair follicle, lab services, including SAMSHA labs. Our products are also available online, www.texasdrugsolutions.com, and is safe, secure and reliable, using PayPal.

We also offer workplace drug testing, including DOT companies, making sure your DOT company is in complete compliance. For Non DOT companies we offer instant on site drug testing, in order to make your company as safe and efficient as possible. We also provide complete policy development.

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