Edenway Birthing Center Llc

If you happen to be looking for alternative to hospital birthing, then Edenway Birthing Center has the perfect solution for you. We are experienced midwives and we want to be there for you throughout your journey to motherhood. Edenway is a licensed birthing center where we, the midwives, serve women from all walks of life. We offer support, education and information to ensure that your labor and parenting goes well. With the help of our Midwife Model of Careā„¢, we focus on building a lasting relationship with the mothers who come to us. We monitor their physical, psychological and social wellbeing throughout their childbearing cycle. We even offer home birthing services. Our aim is to keep the technical interventions to a minimum, but we do refer those mothers in need of obstetrical care to a good physician. Do visit http://www.dfwmidwives.com/. To read about the birthing experiences of mothers with us, visit http://www.dfwmidwives.com/blog/.