E Exchange

Reuse is the highest form of recycling

The eExchange is a our way of giving back to the community, while supporting recycling.  Here you can find low priced, gently used electronics, ranging from internet ready computers and laptops, to DVRs, to fun vintage electronic items.

The eExchange is an eRecycler company

For over ten years eRecycler has supported reuse as the highest form of recycling.  We have done so by selling usable items on the internet in order to fund our responsible recycling methods.  Now, for the first time we are offering these items to the public.  Through the eExchange, we are hoping to do more good for our community and our local environment.  Like our internet sales, any profits go to offset the cost of responsible recycling.

If you are interested in purchasing Green Electronics, you may visit our store in Dallas, eExchange (www.eextex.com).  You may also buy Green WORLDWIDE by visiting our website www.erecycleronline.com.