Eleanor Anukam Footwear

Eleanor Anukam is a luxury footwear brand for beautiful ladies with foot sizes over 10. For more information, visit http://www.eleanoranukam.com/ & http://www.eleanoranukam.com/collections/all.

Eleanor Anukam is a luxury brand footwear that aims to empower women with confidence and style with its designer series, luxury footwear. Designed by Eleanor Anukam, a modern woman with a zeal to disrupt the fashion industry with her bold, innovative designs, the luxury footwear brand dedicates itself to serve those beautiful women with foot sizes over 10. A number 12 herself, Eleanor was constantly disappointed on not finding luxury shoes of her size and one day, she just decided to take the responsibility on herself to make these undeserved population of women feel luxurious again. Luxury shoes from Eleanor Anukam are designed for a fashion forward lady with broadened global influences and a thirst to disrupt fashion. Born in Houston and raised in Nigeria, Eleanor has travelled to a lot of places around the world and has educated herself with multi-cultural aesthetics and ideas from all these places. A woman with a fashion sense that appeases a global audience, Eleanor Anukam has a signature style of her own and it can be clearly seen in the luxury shoes manufactured under the brand. The shoes are masterfully constructed with every pair of footwear artfully adorned with our signature stitched leather outer-shoes, which give out a flawless finish. In addition, the shoes are crafted with a combination of the finest exquisite leather, craftsmanship and latest footwear technologies. For more, visit http://www.eleanoranukam.com/ & http://www.eleanoranukam.com/collections/all.