Elite Massage

At Elite Massage, there are no memberships to buy and no gimmicks to lock you in.   Our hour massage is a FULL HOUR of massage not 50 minutes. At Elite, you get what you came for, a full hour of massage!  We are not just a massage place that puts lotion on you....we work to relax you and structurally correct what's going on with your body.   After your massage, you will notice the wonderfully, dramatic changes that happened in your body. 
Elite Massage is a professional, knowledgable, massage establishment that has been located in Dallas since 1992 with a strong commitment to excellence.  We are masters of relaxation but we also work with medical doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, and other health care practitioners providing massage care for our clients. 
Whether you use massage for relaxation, rehabilitation or medical, Elite Massage should be your choice!  Call us now at:  972-233-2639.