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At Euro Automotive we realize that you have made a considerable investment in your vehicle. It's a hard choice deciding whom you are going to trust with it's up keep. You want to make sure that it is being serviced properly, but those dealer repair bills are outrageous.
At Euro Automotive we know just because you spent $25,000 to $85,00 on a car doesn't mean you can afford to pay $120/hr for repairs. We charge $90 and only for the time we spend on the car. We use original equipment quality parts installed by factory trained technicians. We have the latest factory vehicle diagnostic equipment that allows us to do everything the dealership can do at the fraction of the cost. We provide you with all the luxuries of going to the dealership. We even have loan cars available while we perform services on yours. You might ask yourself how we are able to do all this at the fraction of the cost? It is simply the fact that we do not have the overhead of a dealership and we can pass these savings off to you. With the extensive list of services we provide, you will wonder why you went anywhere else.
If you are wondering why you should continue to follow the service maintenance schedules now that your vehicle is out of warranty, consider this: The manufacturer required you to perform these services to comply with their warranty because they knew it would lessen their out of pocket warranty repairs, shouldn't you do the same to lessen your out of pocket expenses? If your vehicle is out of warranty and you miss the peace of mind that it brought, we offer extended warranty plans that will keep your vehicle covered for up to 5 years and 150,000 miles.
Give us 10% of you trust and we will earn the 90% !