Five O'clock Travel

Five O'clock Travel has significant resources in both Corporate Travel Management and Personal Vacation Travel Planning.

We know the Internet affords you infinite choices with regard to your travel plans. However, using a travel professional means that you have an advocate; someone who is accountable for the time and money you are investing. Travel agents work for travelers, not for travel suppliers. This means we make your travel plans with only your desires and requirements in mind. You will always receive competitive, comprehensive information from us, plus advice built on experience and personal knowledge. Understanding the benefits of having a travel professional may persuade you to let us take over the controls.

We invite you to explore our varied website and allow us to be your travel professionals of choice. You'll see how from now on, all sorts of travel--for pleasure, education, sports, business, or pure escape--will be more enjoyable than you thought possible. While travel offers personal enrichment, it also builds a bridge of understanding between cultures. And we stand committed to your continued discovery of a world ever beautiful and large.