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Tips for Kaze Sushi and Hibachi Restaurant

With all the "1/2 off" specials, we where a little skeptic. However, great service, excellent food. I think I found my new spot.

- Dan Fattori

Linda Rolls and Filet and Lobster Hibachi is AWESOME! Fried softshell crab for 2.50 is a Riot! Great Appetizer!

- Charlie Howe

Cowboy roll and avocado bomb are feeling awesome!!!

- sindee barelas

Sushi, Hibachi are great!

- Javier Sanchez

Big eye tuna sushi :-)

- Robert Clayton

Sushi is great but stay away from chicken, beef or combination fried rice the portions are ridiculously small for $9

- Randy Baltazar

This is my favorite place to go to after a hard day at work! The employees are wonderful people and the food is heavenly!

- Chanel Gray

Monkey brains are delish!! Sunomono is a fresh appetizer. The sauce that comes w the calamari (Gyozo sauce mixed w siracha sauce) is great w sushi rolls!

- Crystal Summersett

Many people speak Japanese here! Sit at the sushi bar and watch the sushi chef!

- Erin Giles

Temptation roll and Kaze Tower are my favorite! Red Rose roll is good also and pretty :)

- Cheryl

Try the volcano roll!! Is very tasty but easy to eat with chopsticks.

- Karen Bryant

So hot in this restaurant. We have been sitting here for an hour and we still don't have drinks

- Kathleen Norman

Try the "Monkey Brains" they are awesome and not listed on the menu (just be sure to ask for the fresh ones!)

Kaze Sushi and Hibachi Restaurant

- Jasmin Rohman

Good food, good prices!

- Carissa Mejia

Robo Roll is d bomb with side of saracha and eel sauce

- Esmeralda Pinales

Not a big fan of sushi but the wife is. She talked me into going tonight. I must say, not bad at all this place. Greeted by 3 or 4 as we walked in, and the sushi was excellent. Will be going back!

- Chris Vance

The Blazing 635 is awesome. If you don't like raw try The Temptation Roll. Great visit every time we go!

- Shellie White

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