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Tips for Old Red Museum

Built in 1892, it is the 5th courthouse to occupy the site. There was a clock tower on top but it was removed in 199 because there was fear that the reverberations from the bell would cause damage.


Very friendly staff and very helpful. Very informative.

- Nichole Washington

Belo Lugar :)

- Cristiane Silvs

Champagne Life 2013 NYE Party at Old Red Museum, Dallas, TX, early @ Tuesday December 31 2013. Grab your tickets @ http://tinyurl.com/pqqebsz

- Victoria Elli

Come before noon on Sunday when it's $5. a good museum but it won't take long

- Dominic Jarville

Great place to get married.

- Nicole Tucker

The museum serves as a symbol of Dallas heritage. Built in 1892, the beautifully restored Old Red Courthouse contains some of Dallas County’s most fascinating historical artifacts.


A great little museum of Dallas and the history, the displays and artefacts are great and informative. Parking is cheaper than most other sites around and you have easy access to a lot of sights

Old Red Museum

- Rickard Jonsson

If you're looking to learn a few things and relax the old red is great

- Hollie Sick


- Gábor Sziládi


- Jonathan Adorno

If you want to fast track the history of Dallas, just watch the videos in each room. Great overview of everything.

- Maya Jimenez 😬

Y también puedes celebrar tu boda aquí....

- Luisa Lanz

Excelent...you must visit!

Old Red Museum

- tinhaMar cabanelas

Discounted on Sunday mornings

- Jackie K

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