Tips for Spec's

I had to come check it out, I heard so much about it and it's big as hell. LOL. I'm like a kid in a candy store. This is too close to my house.

- Joseph Harris


In public? Really?

- Paul G.

I love Specs! So many varieties of wine!

- Mon

Like Whiskey? This is the BEST selection in town...

- Nico

Deli! Cigars! Beers! Wines! Liquor! They've got 35,000 items in stock! Start w/ the Texas BLT (jalapeno-cheddar TX toast, jala-cured bacon, pepper Jack, chile ancho mayo) before shopping.

- Thrillist

Cash, debit card, checks get 5% off!

- Jordan Mathis

Huge selection of liquor, beer, and wine. Also cheeses and other deli food. They offer discount if you pay with cash/debit so will pay higher price using credit.

- Jeremías Aude

Go hungry and thirsty on Sat samples of wine beer and food

- Adali Yony Sanchez

Purchase Sociologie Wine, it's the best!!! Smooth & Sweet! Cheers!!!!

- Amy Hampton

Save 5% if you pay in cash. W00t!

- Benjamin Rorie

You get a 5% discount if you pay with cash, debit, or check - sweet deal!

- Rachel Pritchard

Great prices, food is great too

- Terron Russell

Amazing selection on weekdays. Use cash for a teeny tiny discount. If you find an employee to help, hold them hostage while you shop, because no one will help you in this store.

- E. B.

They have a truly fabulous Mufaletta and the best variety of everything made with alcohol. Great place to shop for gifts, lunch, or something special to take home for dinner.

- Natasha Geddie

Lots of great wine and beer! Great place!! Great prices!!

- J S

Great selections of wines and liquors!! Used to be a Toys R Us so now we adults have our own toy store!!

- Jay Williams

This place is huge and awesome!!

- Amit Patel

One word: heaven

- Katie Nutting

Use your debit card instead of credit, they'll give you a discount!

- Lea

Find Angela in craft beer. She has a ton of knowledge and will get you just the right selection.

- Megan C

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