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Tips for The Grassy Knoll

Don't be an idiot and run out onto Elm Street to take a photo where the X is.

- Stacy

No convertibles!

- jacob fisher

I'll give this place a shot...

- Joey Seeman

Watch out for the homeless people giving tours.

- Joe Rogers

This is definitely a must-see on a trip to Dallas. Everyone knows the story, but it's very different to actually be there. See it in person, take the iPhone tour from the sixth floor museum.

- Kristine Tague

Good to gain a perspective before and after the Sixth Floor tour. Very important for every Metroplex citizen to attend and contribute to their own historical education.


Don't lose your head!!

- Jay Ferguson

Don't steal parts of the picked fence. It's now a federal crime.

- Joe Rogers

At all costs try not to shoot a president of the United States. If you can.

- Taylor Hegele

Well there's grass, cars and a lot if conspiracy theories.

The Grassy Knoll

- Kristina Hughes

Erie place considering what happen there on on November 22, 1963

- John Richie

Resist your temptation to mow the knoll.

- Scott P

Went here for the first time at night and stood in the rain talking about government conspiracies with my 2 best friends. One of those eery but amazing moments of my Life.

- am13er

I thought it would be a bigger hill

- Jim Poehlman

No longer a conspiracy theorist #triangulation.

- Jamie Buchmiller

If you're going to stand in the middle of the road, don't do it when cars are coming. Apparently common sense is a misnomer.

- Scott Leibrand

There wasn't a conspiracy.

- Daniel Xelanader

The plaza is typically filled with tourists visiting the assassination site and The Sixth Floor Museum of the former Book Depository. Since 1989, more than 6 million people have visited the museum.

- DV Green🌀

Go early in the morning and have your picture taken laying down on the second x in the road.

- Joe Rogers

Where the conspiracy theory started and ended. Go behind the fence.

The Grassy Knoll

- Russell Hirschorn

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