Functional Health & Chiropractic Care

Lizie Pilicy, DC
Chiropractor and Neuromuscular Specialist

Dr. Lizie Pilicy, Chiropractor, Neuromuscular Specialist and Sports Chiropractor uses innovative holistic approaches to wellness incorporating mind, body, and spirit disciplines to assist with whole-body wellness. Dr. Pilicy performs low-force chiropractic adjusting incorporating various chiropractic techniques to best serve her patients. She applies her interests in athletics with her patients and specializes in sports injuries and nutrition.

She brings an incredible passion for chiropractic and teaches patients ways of achieving ultimate performance potential through health and body maintenance that translate into healthy living. Dr. Pilicy’s experience with treating Olympic athletes includes gold and silver medalists from seven different countries around the world. With innovative approaches to wellness that incorporate mind, body, and spirit disciplines to allow the body to heal itself, she treats patients as individuals.

She sees herself as a role model for her patients by maintaining a healthy balance in her own life and is committed to giving back to the community.

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