Glass Boot Biergarten

Glass Boot Biergarten

Glass Boot Biergarten - Connecting the World, one GLASS BOOT at a time...

Have you ever thought to yourself, I want to do something different? My husband & I thought this 7 years ago when we purchased Knox Street Pub in Uptown Dallas. We enjoyed ownership, but we did not get the opportunity to really cultivate KSP because it was already known as a Fri/Sat night dance place.

We just felt like it was the time to do something different…
In June, we sold KSP but before packing it in as far as the restaurant/bar business goes, we decided to make a quick look around town and see if we could find a location that would keep us involved. We wanted a different feel than Uptown provided, maybe more casual, themed (German as it turns out), and comfortable enough to involve our teenage kids.

When the appropriate space became available on Henderson Avenue, we dove in. This part of town is more eclectic than Uptown; we would be allowed to do some different things due to the people. We are determined to help our community, and we will be committed to charities by sharing our success. It is what we enjoy doing and have always helped where possible.

We hope to serve the area with a different TYPE of place. Our goal is NOT to compete with the other neighborhood bars, but rather to offer a different experience. Barcadia and The Gin Mill are great places, owned by people that care about their business AND we too will be taking a hands-on approach. We are local and proud of that; we are a MOM & POP.

We hope to bring some authentic German items to the table including locally made sausage which is ALL NATURAL and Gemütlichkeit, which is defined as the “notion of belonging, social acceptance, cheerfulness, the absence of anything hectic and the opportunity to spend quality time.” If your option for the night is sitting with just your girlfriend in a quiet place, you’re not looking for a place like Black Forest Biergarten. We will have several communal tables, so order up a Bierstiefeln (beer boot) and make some new friends. Our biers will be German or heavily German influenced. Our specialty drinks and biers will be made with Germany in mind. We won’t be Oma’s Haus (grandma’s house) but we will do our best to keep items in line with German food and beverage.

FÚTBOL and football will be shown with enthusiasm. Dallas needs a place for the rabid fans of soccer. The entire metroplex is huge on soccer and with the World Cup upcoming it will bring out the die-hard fans as well as the casual viewer. We will proudly participate in “Hang Your Flag”; supporters of various teams will have the opportunity to show their colors during the match at the biergarten by hanging their teams’ flag in a designated area. Bayern Munich will be the biergarten’s home team but we will support all comers from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A (Italy and Brazil) and other teams from Bundesliga. We will do our best to carry all the important games and matches.

Saturday and Sunday football will be supported as well (this is Texas, right?). We will have a dozen televisions PLUS a projector for big games that require additional viewing options.
Our patio will be our featured area with nearly 1500 sq. ft. of space. We will provide live music several days a week and serve brunch on the weekend. Our staff will be trained in what customer service is really about: creating customer experiences, solving problems and engaging customers.

We hope you join us on this journey and we will look for you to come in and say Guten tag!

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