Hermanos Body Shop & Locksmith

We are right in the heart of the Southwest, and we provide locksmith and auto body repair to the residents in the Dallas area.Over the years we have been operating, Dallas residents have come to know, trust and respect us as premier locksmiths in Dallas. What sets us apart from the numerous other locksmiths in Dallas? What’s different about our business is that we are specialists in the duel specialties of locksmith and auto repair services. Our locksmith division is comprised of commercial, residential and auto locksmith services with an all-around-the-clock capacity for emergency services. Our locksmiths in Dallas are all licensed locksmiths and are trained, certified bonded and insured to undertake a variety of locksmith services, including re-keying, for you in Dallas.Quality auto body repair in Dallas does not get any better than this. We can offer you an unrivalled level of workmanship, attention to detail, skill and value for money! Our auto repair in Dallas is renowned as being “a cut above the rest,” and we would love to show you why! We cover all the bases in the world of car maintenance in our Auto Body Shop, from complex body work to routine tasks such as oil change and wheel alignment.  Let us show you what we can do to take your car to the next level!

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