Herrera's Cafe

Original Herrera's Cafe then and now!

Herrera's Cafe on Maple was the original Tex-Mex place to eat in Dallas in the early 70's which started off with only 9 tables and a line of people outside that rap the building waiting to get a table. It was also later featured in a issue of National Geographic in 1984 showing this depiction and because of its notoriety for it TEX-MEX Flavor. Unfortunately, the structure had a fire and moved across the street to a slightly larger building. In the 20 years plus at the second building Herrera's Cafe on Maple was not only known in the Dallas region, but recognize by New York Times, Texas Monthly, and D Magazine to say at the least for its famous Tex-Mex Food. But now re-development has forced them out and into a third building, half a block further down the street. It has took on a modern look in its new building with a full bar and HUGE LCD Tv's. It also has a new outside patio. But one thing that has not changed over time is the food and its still as good as it was since it first open it doors in the early 70's! Plus it's still the place to eat some great Tex-Mex food in Dallas. So come by and have a good old Tex-Mex meal. Thanks and God Bless from the Ontiveros Family!