House Of God's Glory

House Of God's Glory is A Congregation of vibrant multi-cultural, passionate believers in Christ; worshiping God, studying His word, evangelizing to the lost, strengthening fellow believers and promoting His glory to the nations.
We are in the business of changing lives. While executing Christ's great commission we live to turn the uncommitted and opposed into unashamedly committed, fully devoted followers of Christ. Everything we do is measured by its usefulness, effectiveness, and contribution toward this Mission. In response to Christ's directive to spread His Good News, we pursue a multi-faceted approach in helping reach people everywhere. Our church desires to take a servant approach in equipping and supporting various indigenous ministries and encourage members to serve locally and abroad. In addition, we seek to involve our church in projects to communicate the Gospel, and share our resources to empower the church locally, nationally and worldwide (Matthew 28:18-20) .