La Trice

L A T R I C E offers handmade and recycled fashion bags and accessories. Our purpose is to provide stylish, chic and fun ENVIROACCESSORIES and make more people environmentally conscious. Recycling is an action we should all take part in and make a necessity for everyday life. L A T R I C E is trying to play a part in helping to close the loop and encourage future support for reusing and recycling so we strive to create very unique accessories by using materials that would otherwise be overlooked or thrown away. Every accessory is handmade from recycled fabrics so you can find pleasure in knowing there is no duplicate. A pair of old jeans, a ripped belt or a tattered skirt are just a few of the inspirations for our designs. Your closet is our resource.

Not only do we provide you with environmentally feel good fashion but we also contribute a percentage of all purchases towards two reputable charities, Mercy Corps & Green Treks Network.