Legacy Laser Hair Removal Mitra Canales M.D.

Every body is different, and should be treated uniquely. Taking care of one’s health and appearance should never be a “one size fits all” approach.  And everybody deserves dedicated professional care, with qualified, experienced doctors who play a continuous role in the patient’s treatment.

After many years practicing in the Dallas area, Dr. Mitra Canales brings this specialized approach to the Centennial Medical Center, focusing on Laser Procedures, Aesthetic Medicine, and Adult Medicine.

Dr. Canales is an expert practitioner in aesthetic medicine.  She can lead you in a personalized treatment regimen for:

Laser Procedures, including Hair Removal and Vein Treatment
Specializing in GentleYAG, the Gold Standard for Laser on tanned and darker skins
Weight Management

Laser procedures can solve many of your health and lifestyle concerns.  By using the latest technology, Dr. Canales can treat issues such as excessive or unwanted hair, wrinkles, leg and facial veins, vascular lesions, and pseudofolliculitis barbae (also known as PFB or “beard bumps”).

Learn more about Dr. Canales and her services and experience throughout this site, or call today to arrange a consultation, at 214-469-0022.