Mezza Cafe

Mezza Cafe offers the finest mediterranean food in DFW. We have the best hummus in Dallas and look forward to seeing you in our restaurant.

Mezza Cafe & Restaurant grills the best Mediterranean food in Richardson, TX. Lunch specials and cuisine entrées make our diner comparable to top bistros and cafeteria eateries everywhere.

We try to keep a menu that has a flavor for everyone. It may be a wise idea to try something new each time you come in. Just because you had a type of food that is served somewhere else does not mean ours will taste the same. You may find that something that only satisfactory somewhere else might be delicious at our Mediterranean cafe in Richardson.

When looking for a Mediterranean restaurant one wants to find fresh ingredients and recipes from many different cultures and countries. The Mediterranean region consists of about 21 different countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea.

Our Mediterranean Café offers a combination of these foods. Whether you are looking for Beef Shwarma, Hummus (Egypt), Baba Ganoush (Levant) or Egyptian Pie there is always something flavorful and satisfying.

Shawarma is normally beef, lamb, chicken or turkey, and is considered to be the one of the “fast food” ingredients across the middle east. Falafel is another food considered to be a fast food in the Middle East. Our chefs take the time to prepare your food correctly so you always come back hungry for more.