Motek Diamonds by IDC

Motek Diamonds By Idc

Dallas' Wholesale Diamonds Supplier Since 1973, Specializing In High Quality Loose Diamonds, Engagement Rings, And Custom Jewelry. Over 50% Off Retail.

Welcome to Motek Diamonds by IDC, your source of loose diamonds, engagement rings, and custom fine jewelry.

Motek Diamonds prides itself in offering the best value for all your diamond needs.

We manufacture our diamonds in some of the best diamond cutting facilities in the world.
Dealing with Motek Diamonds directly insures you the best possible diamond prices anywhere
in the world.
Diamonds are what we have been doing for the past 60 years,our staff is experts in diamond
evaluation and is eager to teach and educate you while guiding you through the
diamond buying experience. Through Motek Diamonds, you will gain excess to the inner circle
of the wholesale diamond business,cutting out the "middleman" in your diamond
buying process. At Motek Diamonds you will be treated in a private setting with all the focus on
making your diamond purchase process the most personal, relaxing, and educational diamond buying
experience while dedicating ourselves to hold the highest ethics and customer services.
At Motek Diamonds you will find high quality certified diamonds by the most respected diamond
grading labs,such as G.I.A, E.G.L, A.G.S and others.  

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