Nalinh Market Photos

This is real Lao and Thai cuisine at it's simpliest form.  Some may call it a dive.  But taste is not overlooked.  What started off as a food mart for southeast asian groceries seems to have gained quick poplularity within the Lao and Thai communities simply by word of mouth.  People use to come in and order take out, but as popularity and demand grew, so did the menu.  Though there are just a couple of tables, if you're lucky enough it's first come first serve. 
This is the real deal, authentic, tasty and very very flavorful.  This is not your typical chinese buffet or local "thai restaraunt".  The cook / owner brings to the community cooking traditions and tastes which she herself learned and provided for her family since she was a child in the villages of Laos.  The dishes served are definitely not what you would find at 99.9% of so-called Lao or Thai restaraunts, yet entres that she would typically serve at home for family and friends.  Price is inargueably cheaper than anywhere else, which in these days can make you feel good about going out to eat here.  There are many daily and seasonal specials.  The food here reminds me alot of when I was a child. Heartwarming home cookin'. 

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