North Dallas Family Hypnosis

North Dallas Family Hypnosis provides hypnosis services for adults and children who are seeking assistance with Sports Performance, Test Anxiety, Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Anxiety, Public Speaking and Better Sleep.

I love success stories! It's what drives me when working with my clients. I want everyone to have results that are meaningful and optimizing. Weight Loss, Quitting Smoking and Sports and Academic performance are my favorites but there is much that can be addressed with hypnosis.

Weight Loss: I work with clients who are trying to improve their health or fit into that dress or tuxedo for a wedding! While each client is unique and requires a custom approach, my philosophy is consistent: Enjoy the food you want to enjoy. I am not a nutritionist (but I do work with Nutritionists if you’d like that resource). My job is to have you consider every bite you take. I know it seems simple but with this overriding philosophy I have had clients who needed to lose 10 lbs to over 50 lbs be successful!

Quitting Smoking Forever: The first question you will likely hear me ask is “Why now?” The reason for this question is that I want to know your commitment level to being a non smoker for the rest of your life and to this process. I am convinced that Hypnosis may be the easiest most effective way to become a non smoker….If you are committed to stopping smoking! Once you you are committed, we are READY! We can have you being a non smoker in as little as 3 sessions!

Sports/Academic Performance: This may be the most gratifying work. When clients come in to see me they are frustrated and confused as to why all of their hard work is not paying off the way they would like. We work together to create simple self hypnosis cues that release their full potential. I have worked with graduate students, high school students, golfers, soccer players, hockey players, football and lacrosse…this is really cool stuff!

Let me know how we might work together to optimize you!

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