Ochre House Theater

Suavant Guarde Theatre in a small alternative theatre space w/ a team of artists, musicians and designers who get the job done! www.ochrehousetheater.org

The Ochre House is a small but effective 50 seat Alternative Theatre Space with a team of artists and designers who get the job done. We pride ourselves in high quality theatre productions using minimal resources to their maximum potential. We have an amazing core of actors, directors, musicians, dancers, puppeteers, designers, and a kick-ass staff that rise to any artistic endeavor with a sense of complete confidence and insight that is rare and beautiful. When will the fun stop?! Check out our reviews and press online and on our website. The Dallas Observer, The Dallas Morning News, TheaterJones, and many others are advocates of our work at the Ochre House. And, certainly, let’s not forget the ones who make it all possible– Our patrons and contributors to Ochre House Theater. www.ochrehousetheater.org

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