Otaru Japaense Restaurant & Lounge

Otaru Japanese Restaurant & Lounge of Addison strives to be the best sushi restaurant & lounge in the world.  Otaru is a city in Japan known for its sushi and beer.  In Otaru, Japan currently has 150 sushi restaurants to only 150,000 residents.  Compare that to DFW's population of nearly 4.5 million and only 300 sushi related restaurants! 

We take great pride providing the highest quality of sushi for our customers.  We have many types of fish flown from overseas.  Some countries we directly receive our fish from are Japan, Scotland, Norway, Australia, Korea, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc., etc.  Otaru is owned and operated by a Japanese Seafood Wholesale & Distribution company that delievers to over 500 Japanese restaurants, casinos, and other seafood related restaurants nationwide.  The company also sells to many other Seafood Wholesalers and Distributors nationwide. 

All the types of fish lands directly to DFW Airport.  Next, our company's refridgerated trucks pick the fish up at the docks and unloads the fish at our facility.  It is inspected and once it passes the requirements set by HACCP, it goes into preparing and processing.  HACPP is a required Health and Quality Assurance program set by the government.