Plonka Interactive

Plonka Interactive

Plonka Interactive has been building successful projects for our clients since 1997.  The credibility of our development team rests on the numerous systems online doing their job and our many clients that continue to do business with us.  Our edge centers on the team’s expertise in three essential areas: Marketing Strategy, Creative Design, and Technology.

1.    Marketing Strategy: We set up a solid foundation for every project by defining project goals and the target audience. These elements allow us to apply creative concepts that work because each recommendation is grounded in research and experience. One example of our marketing expertise can be found in our search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM) techniques which drive traffic to your site.

2.    Creative Design: Our interface developers create dazzling work built around usability. Advanced graphic design techniques such as primary path user design and emotionally responsive graphics are cemented into each composition. Get more than eye candy - get a visually attractive development architected to meet your specific needs.

3.    Technology: Let our database architects and programmers give you more than a website or blog. Imagine putting a legacy system online for the first time, getting all of your systems to talk to each other. Utilize web services to allow your site to interface with unique systems all over the world. We develop in leading technologies such as .Net, ASP and C# utilizing robust MS SQL databases. Plonka uses industry standard software like Visual Studio, Flash and Photoshop and works in cutting edge applications such as Lead Generation systems, apps in Silverlight and on mobile and Facebook apps. In short, our team can code and connect anything to the web. We integrate existing systems to make the most of your budget.

We combine all of our skills to execute the Plonka project mantra:

Smart Work, On Time, In Budget.