Protegga, Llc.

PROTEGGA is committed to providing the best, most cost-effective solutions for the identification, collection, preservation, analysis, and recovery of evidence through our Computer Forensics, e-Discovery, Data Collection, and Litigation Support services.

Loved by our clients and feared by our competition, you can bet that PROTEGGA'S Computer Forensic, e-Discovery, and Data Collection experts will find what's hiding in the digital evidence relevant to your case and will preserve it in a forensically sound manner that's defensible in court. PROTEGGA'S court-tested experts will present their findings and testify as expert witnesses on your behalf. Whether recovering deleted email, deleted text messages, deleted documents, deleted Internet history, or any other discoverable electronic data, if there is a smoking gun, rest assured that PROTEGGA will find it and put you firmly in command of your legal matter.

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