Red Wolf Resort

Red Woof Inn caters to dog owners with discriminating taste, offering superior care for their canine companion in a cage-free environment. The Red Woof Inn is the premier All-Inclusive Pet Resort located in Rockwall, Texas. It is a place for dogs to have fun in a safe and caring environment. Our facility consists of supervised indoor & outdoor free range play areas and private suites for overnight guests. Red Woof Inn features luxury suites with wrought iron beds, plush mattresses, flat screen TV’s and webcams. It looks like a real hotel but for dogs. The indoor floor is made of rubber to provide a cushioned surface during playtime. The outdoor play area is a dog’s dream. It features a 6500 sq. ft. artificial turf play area with a 30 ft shade. Other services offered include: daycare, behavior training, professional grooming and self-serve dog washing. Take a virtual tour at