Reflections of Health

Reflections Of Health

Reflections of Health provides therapeutic services to members of the community through in office therapy treatments including; Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Sports Massage, Thai Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Spa treatments - wraps, scrubs and other specialty services, Prenatal and Pediatric Massage, etc.

Reflections of Health provides continuing education for the general public at local community centers, hospitals, churches, local community colleges, etc.  Classes taught include Couple's Massage, Prenatal Partner Massage, Labor Massage, Infant/Pediatric Massage, and Aromatherapy for Home and Health.  In addition, Reflections of Health also serves as a source for Continuing Education for Texas Licensed Massage Therapists by offering advanced instruction in CranioSacral Therapy, Deep Tissue Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Chair Massage, Prenatal and Labor/Postpartum Massage, Infant/Pediatric Massage, Aromatherapy, Business Essentials, and much more. 

Finally, Reflections of Health serves as a resource to the Massage Therapy Industry by sponsoring both  the newly established North Texas Chapter of the Texas Association of Massage Therapists and the North Texas CranioSacral Study Group for the Upledger Institute.