Smooth Solutions

Unlike many of our competitors, we believe that it is better to be an expert in one field than to be a jack of all trades. For this reason, we choose to focus on laser hair removal instead of other laser treatments. To better enhance your skin care experience, we exclusively offer the all new Sapphire Dermabrasion. By offering only two major services to our clients, we are able to continually research and test the latest laser and microdermabrasion techniques so as to bring you the best in the business. In fact, our physicians have helped develop leading theories about laser hair removal and how to achieve the most effective results. 

Our desire to offer you the best led us to buy and use every technology available for laser hair removal, so as to determine what really works. This combined with our unmatched experience has allowed Smooth Solutions Laser Hair Removal to develop cutting edge treatment protocols and advanced training systems to best suit your individual needs. With over 500,000 laser hair removal treatments and 10 years of services behind our name, we are "Texas' Leader In Laser Hair Removal.