Statewide Commercial Roofing

Statewide Commercial Roof is versed in all types of roofing construction with more than 16 years in the industry.  Whether it’s the longevity of metal, the convenience of built-up roof (BUR), a modified system, the energy wise approach of a TPO, or, the roof seen everywhere, the shingle, our company is skilled in the construction and maintenance of all these roofing systems. Our metal team services help to ensure the long life of a metal roof. If the roof is more conventional, BUR or modified, that is not a problem, as we can make quick work of removing the old system up and installing a new one.  With our experience we recommend for a low-slope non-shingle roof is a TPO system. This reflective roof offers a variety of thickness for membranes that make for almost impossible penetration of moisture.

If you have a non-shingle system and are currently seeing the signs of stress and age, well a protective coat can help to extend the life of that roof. The elastic coating seals and secures stressed seams, uplifted paneling, and restores the overall integrity of the roof. Another advantage to a coating is reeducation in cost when comparing to the price of a new roof. Along with the lowered cost, the coating provides a white reflective coat that can lower energy bills. With an extended life and low cost a coating is a solution to take serious in any roofing situation. 

We at Statewide Commercial Roofing have employed state-licensed adjusters.  Our adjusters are experienced in both understanding the involved materials and necessary labor costs for recovery of lose.  There is an advantage to working with an adjuster during the reconstruction process, which is an understanding in how the insurance company pays for reconstruction to damaged property. As the contractor knowing the full allowance will us allow to maximize the returned equity to your property.