Stati X In X

Unique and creative ink done by an exceptional artist. All hand drawn from your ideas, not clip art.
Be you, be your creation!

Our page is to promote and educate and entertain. We are promoting our business which specializes in body artwork but we are not limited to just the run of the mill tattoos. We are artists, we see the world in colors and musical notes and the more creative and original a project is the more the artist juices flow. Have something in your head but can't get it on paper? Give us a call and we will help. We don't mind spending as much time as needed to perfect the paper draft of your idea in order to make sure your permanent art is perfect! Tattoos are not the limit as we are also available to assist and perform most body modifications you request. Have a question? email or text us 24/7 and we will answer asap. need a coverup? repair? do over button? statiX inX is your place. Miracles do happen in the real world and they are full of color and surrounded by music. Whatever your dreams hold we can help you create the real world version for all to see

We have home base available to work in, or we will come to you. Anywhere.

We can work with you remote and electronically to get the paper version exact before we set up appointment for work to begin.

Larger pieces will be done as session work, no reason to kill ourselves with marathon sittings!

Prices are on a sliding scale. Travel distance will incur additional (nominal) fee to cover fuel and accommodations, if needed.

Sliding scale is based on size, number of colors, number of sittings, and number of hours required in prep work.

All prices are reasonable and competitive.

We do not keep or own the generic artwork hanging in every tattoo parlor in the country. We do not feel that we need to display such things. If you desire assistance choosing a design, please give us a call and through an in depth interview we will compile a list of images we believe might speak to you. You will be under no requirement to purchase any image, and you may not like any of our suggestions, but the suggestions are meant mostly to get your inner creative juices flowing.