Sugar Shack

Three words, or because one is hyphenated, tow words: Tie-dyed couches. That's right, pastel tie-dyed chairs and couches fill the Sugar Shack, a consciously eclectic kitschy bar. It's a little bit sports bar and a little bit Vegas all rolled into one and shaken, not stirred. There are cocktail tables, a full bar and TVs throughout the bar for sitting down and having a drink or just standing around and mingling. The back room of the bar is a game room with a pool table and video games. The best nights to go to the Dallas bar are when there are DJs filling the Sugar Shack with top 40s, hip-hop and rock. Don't overlook the specialty drink, a 64-ounce fishbowl filled with one of three flavors. Made for six, but makes a better night if finished by two.

Come check out the new light show and sound system. Don.t forget our famous Fish Bowls.Also check out our new patio.