Sun X International

All of our solar control films are fully backed by 3 year, 7 year, 10 year, and lifetime warranties.

Sun X International, Inc. is an international supplier of commercial, residential, truck, car window tint and security window film products. We are located at 9858 Plano Rd. Suite 300 Dallas, TX 75238. Serving window tint dealers since 1956 with the latest, state of the art technology in window tint and security window film.

Sun X provides a full line of automotive window tint to help you meet the needs of your customers. From conventional dyed window film and hi-performance hybrids, to full metalized window film for the maximum heat control available for your car.

Sun X also offers a full line of commercial window film and residential window film to help you in all your flat glass window tint situations.

Sun X security window film gives you the ability to address all the security film needs of your customers with window film ranging from 4 mil to 14 mil thickness and comes in clear, silver, solar bronze and stainless steel in various percentages. If security is an issue, Sun X has the film and window tint you need.