Susan Saffron Fine Jewelry

Located in Inwood Village on Lovers Lane, the store caters to many Dallas socialites. The original store was located on Sherry Lane in Preston Center. It remained at this location for 26 years before moving to Inwood Village. The intimate boutique provides a calm atmosphere where clients can feel comfortable and welcome. Susan Saffron Fine Jewelry specializes in diamonds, semi-precious and precious gemstones, pearls, and luxury watches. The store carries a large selection of loose diamonds and gemstones to allow its customers to handpick the stone they want. Known for its skills and creativity in custom jewelry making, Saffron’s store can take your vision and turn it into a reality. Saffron also carries other popular jewelry lines such as MWI Eloquence, Herco, Chad Allison, and Martin Ross.

Susan Saffron has been serving Dallas clientele since 1985. She first discovered her passion for jewelry making while in Bangkok. She began by selling loose stones and eventually evolved her passion into a thriving retail store. Her many years of experience give her a key insight into the needs and wants of the Dallas marketplace. She credits her knowledge of the jewelry business to multiple mentors she has had throughout her career. Saffron has worked in both wholesale and retail throughout the years. This allows her to maintain a unique perspective of the jewelry industry.

Susan Saffron hopes to continue to succeed in the fine jewelry business. She believes the market for custom jewelry will continue to prosper. Saffron and her team are optimistic about future growth and exposure pertaining to the boutique. They rely on their unbeatable customer service and knowledge of the industry to allow the company to thrive.